About Kathleen

Kathleen Arentz, owner of Reiki Realms


Hello, and welcome to Reiki Realms!  I’m Kathleen Arentz and my path to the art of energy healing began more than 16 years ago when I became frustrated with the indifferent care I received from traditional Western doctors. I began to explore alternative treatments and to my joy I discovered a profound connection to natural and holistic practices, including acupuncture, massage, and naturopathy.  I eventually left my accounting career and made healing my life’s work.


I graduated from the East West College of Massage in Portland and started a massage practice. This led me to Reiki and its extraordinary power to alleviate suffering, both physical and spiritual. I earned my Reiki I and II certificates with Colleen Benelli, a Portland Reiki Master, and added Reiki to my massage sessions. In 2015 I completed my Holy Fire Reiki Master Class training with Colleen.


Although I have lived in Portland for three decades, I am half Inuit Eskimo and was born and raised in Alaska in a community that embraced and celebrated its Inuit culture and heritage. My grandmother was the village midwife and I am honored to share her gifts, especially shamanism and the ability to channel the healing forces of animals, ancestors, archangels and other spiritual guides.


Today my healing sessions incorporate my shamanic training as well as my innate clairsentience, a gift that allows me to channel high-level energy of the universal life force. I often focus on past-life issues and assist the souls who seek to communicate. I also help individuals recover from trauma and move past what keeps them stuck in life.  I am also an animal communicator and can assist in conversations with your pets.


This multimodal approach to channeling energy is powerful and unique among Reiki practitioners.  Wherever you may be in your life, and whatever issue you are looking to heal, Reiki Realms offers divine love for your healing journey.


With kindness and compassion,