Usui Holy Fire Reiki II Class


Usui Holy Fire Reiki Level Two


Thank you for your interest in Holy Fire Reiki Level Two. This is an 8-hour class. You must have completed a Reiki Level One class before taking this class.*


In class, you will learn 3 Reiki symbols, their meaning, how to draw them, and how to use them. You will participate in healing meditations, become attuned to all 3 Reiki symbols, and practice in class under supervision. You will learn how to prepare a space for energy work by using the symbols, how to use the symbols on auras and chakras, and how to do a complete Reiki session from beginning to end. You will learn and practice Distance Reiki (sending healing energy from a distance). There will be a discussion on how to use Reiki in everyday life outside of the healing room. A Reiki II Manual will be provided and is yours to keep.


Please bring a journal to class and wear comfortable clothing. Water and tea will be provided, and you are welcome to bring snacks and/or lunch. A one-hour lunch break will be given.


Class Agenda:

  • Holy Love Meditation
  • Talk on the 3 Reiki Symbols
  • Drawing Symbols
  • Reiki II Attunement
  • Reiki practice for students
  • Talk on how to do a complete Reiki Treatment
  • Students practice a complete session from beginning to end
  • Learn and practice Distance Reiki and Reiki with the eyes


Reiki for Business


Reiki for Business is a collection of Reiki practices specifically created to enhance your business. This is a unique offering taught at Reiki Realms. It is a great addition for anyone who is self-employed or whose job is performance-based. (If not relevant to students, this can be skipped in favor of an additional healing meditation experience).


You will learn:

  • How to send Reiki to your business
  • Script writing for your Highest Purpose & best results (perfect for any difficult business transactions or relationships)
  • Spiritually based laws of Business and Prosperity


*For prices please inquire with the teacher.