First-time Reiki

Amazing insight.
I was not sure what to expect, was skeptical, became a fan of Kat.  I thought she became very aware of my inner being and took steps to put me in touch with myself, very positive.

—John Aschenbrenner


Great Experience.
I highly recommend Kat at Reiki Realms.  I have had several sessions with her and I am always amazed at her insight.

—Kim B


I have had Reiki in conjunction with massage prior, but yesterday was my first Reiki only experience.  Kat was wonderful.  I found it calming and powerful.  She unblocked energy for me that had been trapped, and when I got home I felt physically different than before the session.

—Jeanette Hubbard

Distance Reiki for Animals

I feel quite fortunate to know Kathleen Arentz. I had been going to her for massage for about three weeks when I had an ’emergency’ situation with my horse. I was scheduled to meet her the same day I was going to see Santana. As I was traveling to my destination the owner of the barn called and said that he was not feeling well, when would I be there.

When I arrived it was apparent he needed a vet for colic like conditions. Colic can be life threatening. I called Kathleen and not only was she gracious about the cancellation she volunteered to send him long distance Reiki.

The owner of the barn and I both witnessed an agitated, worried horse who was kicking at his stomach (due to severe discomfort) turn into a calm, peaceful, quiet horse within fifteen minutes.

When the vet arrived, took his temperature, administered pain relief and checked to see if he had a compaction she met a willing patient. Kathleen was instrumental in turning Santana’s health crisis around.

What is amazing is that she is not familiar with a horse’s anatomy however she trusted her intuition, guides and followed the pain. She sent him comfort and an Archangel to embrace him with healing love so he could let go of the fear of death and the agony caused by the colic.

I am deeply grateful to Kathleen. She is kind, caring, sensitive and gifted – all the qualities that make for a brilliant healer. I would not hesitate to refer her, she gives her heart and soul and that is what makes her work so special.

– Bette Steflik, Shen Men Feng Shui

Reiki & Massage

Healing Power.
I have been seeing Kat for about 4 years.  She continues to heal me physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  I feel so blessed to have her in my life.  Functioning without Kat would be very challenging.  Do yourself a favor and see Kat.  You will LOVE her.

—Sandy Chappelle


Incredible insight!
Kat’s ability to verbalize vision is incredible.  She put into words things I had been feeling for years and helped me push through blockages that have stunted my personal growth.  Her skills could be beneficial to your own growth.

—Amanda Furbee


Kat is amazing!
Every time I see Kat, it is a truly transformative experience.  Her intuition is so spot on and we end up getting insight into much deeper issues than what I originally went to see her for.  She’s gotten to the heart of some of my issues within an hour that several sessions of therapy haven’t even touched.  Kat is an amazing healer and I can’t recommend her highly enough!

—C. S.

Distance Reiki

Kat is an amazing healer!
I cannot recommend Kat highly enough!  She is part Reiki Master, part Spirit Channel, weaving both naturally, skillfully, and compassionately.  My most recent session was remote, but I have had in person appointments as well.  One feels blanketed in her warmth either way.  Highly intuitive, Kat reads your body and spirit, and eloquently describes her journey into the spirit world, on your behalf.  Her clients receive Reiki, wonder, and healing on many magnificent levels.  She is amazing.

—Judith Maxey, Reiki Master

Holy Fire Master/ART Class

Hi Kat:

Thanks for all the great information and for the wonderful, transformative weekend. I have some friends who are lightworkers and they noticed a big change in me. One saw my aura surrounded by a mantel of dazzling golden light and another (my massage therapist, who is also a Reiki practitioner) commented on how much more energy I have now. Her hands got *really* hot when she worked on me today. She also said she sensed a new shield around my aura.

I also got a thunder egg at the last meeting of the rock club I’m in. We cut it open on Monday night, and it turns out to be the most powerful, energized stone I’ve ever run across. My whole hand and arm vibrate when I hold it, and it wants to help me do healing work. So, overall, big changes, lots of growth, and one of the most amazing experiences of my life.Thank you so much.

—Barbara Burnett, Reiki Master

 Distance Reiki Session

As a newbie to Reiki, I had a variety of emotions. I was intrigued, skeptical, curious, excited, and anxious.

Kathleen answered all my questions, made me feel safe and assured that this process would be enlightening. There’s some truth behind what you put into something is what you get out of it. Kathleen started our session warmly, explaining the entire process and began when I was ready. Even though our session was over the phone, I was able to relax and embrace the session.

Overall, I felt like Kathleen genuinely connected with me, encouraged me, and was holistically invested in my well-being. I know I will be continuing my Reiki journey in capable hands with Kathleen.

—Lauren S.